Just Transition

Climate change is one of the seminal issues that is currently facing all of us globally. A shift from fossil fuels, to cleaner and sustainable renewable energy sources that are energy efficient and accessible as well as affordable for the people are extremely important factors to consider when determining the essential building blocks toward incorporating the ‘Just Transition” principles in national energy policy.


Pest Control

Farmers and gardeners are constantly faced with challenges in the garden. One of the biggest sources of headaches for farmers is pests.

Growing Indigenous Crops

The worsening food and nutrition insecurity in sub-Saharan African communities demands the promotion of African indigenous crops such as Bambara
nuts and cowpeas to play a central role in addressing food insecurity, associated health concerns and climate change.

African CSOs Stage No to Fossil Fuels Action, Reject Net Zero

Civil society and grassroots groups across Africa staged a sit-in and protest action at the exhibition centre of the UNFCCC COP 26 in Glasgow to demand that African delegates attending the negotiations reject handouts and instead advance real solutions to the climate crisis.

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