OUR Goals


To promote equality of women and men in regional and national environmental; policies, particularly concerning climate change and sustainable development.

To promote regional, national and local collaboration and exchange, as well as the promotion of development cooperation in the areas of climate policies, sustainable use of energy, the conservation of forests and equality.

To inform the public about climate change, as well as the scope of actions to actively conserve the global climate and protect the environment.

To inform the public about equity aspects of climate change, concerning the relationship between industrialized and developing countries, and within the Southern African countries between men and women.


Collecting and distributing information about the causes and consequences of climate change and climate policies as well as the impact on women and men.

Promoting the participation of women in environmental and climate planning and politics.

Distributing information and education on climate change at local, provincial, national, regional and International levels;

Providing expertise, drafting reports and disseminating the conclusions of climate change research and studies.

Collaborating and exchanging experiences with organisations pursuing similar goals.

Executing and supporting practical projects with regard to the conservation of climate and natural resources in Southern Africa.

Executing educational and capacity building events in Southern Africa about climate change and climate policies, as well as the involvement of women in these measures.

Planning, coordinating and executing actions with the aim of influencing public opinion, politics, legislation and administration.