OUR Vision


GenderCC SA believes that achieving women’s rights, gender justice and climate justice; requires fundamental changes to address and overcome the existing (and deeply flawed) systems of power, politics and economics.
Our mission is to build a platform for an informed and resilient movement of Southern African women. One that empowers them to understand, make decisions and influence policy and practice regarding climate change for the benefit of the broader society.

Through working with grassroots women and small scale-farmers, we can roll out climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies and gender Just Climate Solutions by focusing on alternative energy sources. These include biogas digesters that use cow dung and organic waste, using Solar PV, water conservation methods, sustainable farming methods, food and herb processing to enhance the livelihoods of communities whilst addressing the water, energy, and food security crisis for most households living in poverty.

Furthermore, documenting women’s experiences, the lessons learnt and capacity building projects on adaptation, climate change and gender justice, agriculture, water, housing, fisheries and related livelihood issues – is critical in feeding into the process of developing adaptation policies and strategies for local, provincial and national governments.