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Katlehong Booklet - Final 30 April 2023

The South African government is currently engaging various stakeholders on the Just Transition Framework as the country is preparing for a transition to a low carbon economy. The focus is mainly on energy transition which is a major sector contributing to emissions through burning of fossil fuels and heavy reliance on non-renewable energy. The government established the Presidential Climate Commission tasked with managing the Just Transition in the country. While the discussion of just transition originated in the energy and extractive sectors, energy use lies at the basis of our food systems, public services, transportation and production and distribution system, transforming the way we use and think about energy requires deep transformations in every sector.

As the world is trying to deal with the impacts of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions resulting mainly from carbon intensive industries, it is a responsibility of every one of us to understand the meaning of this process and the human needs involved, the negative and positive outcomes and work together for an inclusive, intersectional, equitable, gender-sensitive and sustainable outcome for all.

GenderCC Southern Africa – Women for Climate Justice, together with Community Based Women’s Organizations, namely Bongkono Community
Project based in Driezik 1, Orange Farm and Siphumelele Luncheon Club based in Kwanele, Katlehong, embarked on local interventions in the
peri-urban areas where these projects are located. This emanated from the fact that the Presidential Climate Commission’s focus is on so called “HotSpot” areas, where there is increased exposure to pollution from surrounding industry for the communities.


Energy Democracy Declaration

Energy is crucial to life for all beings. It cannot be subjected to the laws of the market. Agree? Find out more and sign the Energy Democracy. Without intervention from a strong movement, capitalists’ embrace of green energy will wreck the planet and leave the working class behind. We must work together and fight for a real #JustTransition globally.

Movements Declaration: Our Future is Public – Energy Democracy

The influence of profit-driven energy corporations on governments, international institutions, and environmental conventions is evident. These policies prioritize greed and capital accumulation over ecological and human needs, revealing flaws in neoliberal market economics. As energy poverty and high bills affect billions worldwide, there’s a critical opportunity to transition to a just, democratic public energy system that prioritizes people and the planet over profit. This movement aligns with the broader struggle for climate justice, addressing intersecting issues of racism, classism, capitalism, gender exploitation, and environmental harm. While challenges exist, groups advocating for energy democracy are leading the way toward systemic changes for a better future on local, regional, national, and international levels.


The Make Big Polluters Pay global campaign was launched in 2019 to ensure that those largely responsible for the climate crisis are held accountable, and alternative paths are found for reparations in the face of corporate abuses, human rights violations, and destruction of the planet.

Conveners of the Make Big Polluters Pay campaign in Africa held a retreat in Uganda from the 15th – 17th of May 2023 and were hosted by the Kasenyi community in Buliisa District. This retreat included a community visit, dialogue, and a mock trial which was referred to as “The People’s Tribunal on Justice and Reconciliation.”

The People’s Tribunal was used as a platform to amplify the voices of community members, and to bring their claims of environmental and human rights infractions against them to light. The tribunal also assessed whether Total Energies has a case to answer, and to ensure these communities get the justice they deserve

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